Shell Ridge Farms
Contact: Michael & Jennifer Eisenberg
City: Colfax, CA,
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About Us
Shell Ridge Farms is a family owned Urban Farm located in Rocklin, CA. that provides fresh cut leafy greens, herbs and microgreens direct to the local community. We specialize in climate control and automation for indoor farming and aim to empower people to grow the most nutritionally dense produce available. On our indoor vertical hydroponic and aeroponic farm, we grow microgreens, shoots, lettuces, edible flowers and herbs. Cut just above the roots, microgreens and shoots are vegetable, lettuce and herb seedlings sown densely and carefully harvested. Nurture yourself and others with highly nutritious, freshly harvested microgreens!
We are dedicated to developing our technologies and discovering new ways of growing and enjoying nutrient dense, flavorful produce. All of our produce is cultivated using hydroponic, aeroponic, and sustainable growing methods. Our indoor vertical farm uses organic nutrients and soil, Non-GMO seeds, no chemical herbicides or pesticides, 100% R/O water and eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials