Delta Farm LLC
Contact: Nina Clark
City: Loomis, CA,
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About Us
Delta Farm is committed to raising the best, sustainably raised. meat, fruit and vegetables. Concerns about health issues and rising obesity trends prompted owner, Nina Clark, to embark on the challenge to feed her family from their land. Their finished beef, pork and fowl are raised on high quality non-gmo feed tested “clean for glyphosate” and live on pastures that have no chemical fertilizers. Fruits and Vegetables are grown using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Their "gourmet quality" meat products always sell out quickly to returning customers!

We are stewards of the land and work hard to offer our products that have had a limited negative impact on the landscape of the farm. We enrich our land naturally, using mulch, compost and the tilling in of cover crops. Our composting program carefully recycles our animal wastes into rich humus that goes back out into the pastures and growing fields. Our key placement of nesting boxes encourages the local population of bats, owls and hawks to control the pest population naturally, eliminating the need for synthetic pesticides. Using a basic permaculture model, refined for our specific animals and crops, results in high quality harvests.