K & D Freitas Farms
Contact: Cheryl
City: Wilton, CA,
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About Us
K & D Freitas Farms is a family farm located in Wilton, CA where I have raised pigs with my father and now have the pleasure of raising them with my sons Kyle and David Freitas and my grandsons Owen and Oliver. We love pigs and having the opportunity to do what we love as a family is a life long dream.

We raise Berkshire pigs that produce a premium farm to fork, beautiful red marbled pork that’s lean and has an amazing taste you will enjoy. We offer a variety of premium cuts like ground breakfast sausage, ground Italian sausage, bacon, ham steaks, boneless and bone in pork chops, bacon that is a simple cure without sugar added, pork belly, pork shoulder steaks, pork shoulder roast, and ribs.

We love sharing what we do with all of our friends and families like you and hope you enjoy our pork as much as we enjoy raising our pigs in a loving, nurturing way, where they have lots of room to run wallow in swimming pools, fully fed and treated very humanly!
Our pigs are raised prop 12 compliant which means they have lots of space to roam and have never been in crates. Their birthing pens are very large so that the sows have the freedom to get up and roam during their birth and while they are nursing their babies. We have never used any hormones or antibiotics and they have never been exposed to any chemicals. Their feed is a 19 percent protein pellet that is non gmo and they are full fed happy pigs!